Begin the Journey~ Master Stress

Performance anxiety and life stress does not have to overwhelm you.  You know how to physically train.  It's time to learn mindfulness. 


Learn to let go.  Learn to be calm.  Learn to be your best self. 


Three meditations custom designed for athletes. 

These skills can transcend your sport and the competition. 

Elite athletes, top business leaders rely on mindfulness to be their best under pressure and in life. 


One Program - 3 Great Meditations

$35.00 for lifetime access to Athlete Meditations


Special team pricing available. 

Available on desktop or  mobile app. 

7- Day money back guarantee. 


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Letting Go

A 5 minute meditation to help you learn how stress feels physically and how to let it go using your body. 

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A 12 minute meditation that helps your manage stress.  Learn to let go of today's and be more calm.

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Best Self

A 10 minute meditation to step away from the busyness of today. Relax your body and your mind. Find your best self. 

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Upgrade and the the power pack, Great Sports Minds to Go and our custom Athlete Meditations. 

Online mental performance training that you complete at your own pace.

- 13 micro video modules + workbook 

- 3 Custom Athlete Meditations

- Both available online and mobile

Get the tools you need to reduce stress and to leverage the power of your mind and body working together.


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I'm ready to manage my stress

$35.00 for lifetime access to meditations for one athlete  

Special team pricing also available. 

Accessible on desktop and the Kajabi app. 

7 Day Money Back Guarantee.


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Use your breath to manage stress in sport and life. 


Use your breath to manage stress in sport and life. 

One of the first things I ask an athlete is how do you use your breath?  Often they say they might use it when the are angry. 
The technique I share in the video is one that athletes will use before  competition, during moments of stress in sports, school or life.