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You have been selected as your team's captain. Now what? As a captain or an aspiring captain you are expected to be an extension of the coach, a leader for your teammates.  


This is not always easy to do. I know.  I was once in your shoes.  A young high school athlete selected to lead our basketball team.  I remember working my way through the process and it was not always easy.

I was expected to be an extension of my coach.  I had to communicate with my coach and my teammates. I was suppose to lead by example and more.   I wish I knew then what I know now. 

With Captain's Corner we provide you with the guidance you need to grow you leadership skills and be your best through an on demand video course, skill challenges and a captain's community.

You've earned the honor.  Enroll today.  Don't learn how to lead the hard way.  Learn about the key skills you need to demonstrate every day as a leader.   You will be glad you made the investment. 

  • Communication

  • Accountability

  • Passion

  • Teamwork

  • Attitude

  • Integrity

  • Now - Go Lead!


Sports can provide so many life lessons both positive and negative. 

The role of a captain can be fun and stressful.  Often we are given the title with very little guidance. 

In Captain's Corner  you have an easy to an on demand video series that come with challenges to help you put your skills into action.   

You will also have access to a captain's community to learn from. 


Chat with Ann Zaprazny, Certified Mental Game Coach and CEO, Great Sports Minds

I do training on leadership and coaching in business client. A former Division 1 Wrestling Coach said to me, "Our captains and our coaches need leadership training. " Thus, Captain's Corner was born. I've led great sports teams and corporate teams and excited about what this opportunity represents for athletes.


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