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What is Great Sports Minds to Go?

You physically train hard. You invest in your skill development and your conditioning. Still "head trash" - your self-doubt, your fear of making mistakes, and more sabotages your performance. Great Sports Minds to Go is an online mental performance program that teaches you proven techniques to compete the way you've trained for. Learn to be composed under pressure, move through mistakes, stay present, and leverage the power of your mind and body working together. Take the program online and access the content from your phone when you need it most.

Believe you can, and you will.

If you're looking for increased confidence in your playing ability, wanting to learn how to overcome the pressure to always win, and wanting to achieve your goals rather than falling short, you could benefit from the Great Sports Minds to Go program. 

What Strategies Will You Learn?

At Great Sports Minds, athletes, coaches and sports parents learn proven mental training techniques to boost performance, teamwork and overall mental toughness.

Learn to:

  • Set SMART Goals so you use your time well
  • Use your breath to center and calm in sports, school and life
  • Experience mindfulness through custom athlete meditations to improve your performance
  • Visualize your success to fuel your confidence and your performance

Gain Strategies to:

  • Overcome Unrealistic Expectations and reduce your internal pressure
  • Focus on the Process and what you can control to improve confidence and performance
  • Overcome Mistakes and focus on the present moment
  • Leverage your self-talk to fuel your confidence

Learn to:

  • Master your confidence and improve your performance
  • Establish a routine to mentally prepare for practice and for competition 
  • Overcome Adversity by using the skills within this program during challenging times
  • Establish Daily Routines for Success

1:1 Clients have paid over $1000 for this program content.

Founders Group participants will get access to the same training that my 1:1 clients have - online and via and app. You will have access to the program when you need it.

Ann Zaprazny, Certified Mental Game Coach CEO Great Sports Minds

Ann Zaprazny works with athletes and business professionals to help them perform at their highest levels. 

Ann is not a personal trainer.  The part of the body she works with is their mind. 

Ann was a division 1 athlete and a Fortune 500 executive.  She knows how to win.  More importantly, she knows how to help her athletes succeed and achieve their goals. 

Ann holds a MS in Sports Science with a Concentration in Sports Psychology and mentored under Dr. Patrick Cohn to become a Certified Mental Game Coach. 

Ann has worked 1:1 with athletes from 18 different sports as young as 11 to college and adult athletes. 

She is a certified trainer for the Positive Coaching Alliance and has coached youth sports at the youth, High School and AAU level. 


The benefits are GREAT! #1. Significant cost savings ($99 vs. $1000) #2. Online training at your convenience #3 Small Group debrief and review of key learnings #4 Invest in your Mental Game during the off season prepares you NOW for your next season. #5 Access to the training from your phone when you need it. Pre game jitters - we got you covered. Struggling to let go of a poor performance - we got you covered. And lots more. Be an INSIDER.

Get both of our Signature Programs

In the FOUNDER'S PROGRAM you get both our custom Athlete Meditations and our Online Mental Performance Training Program - Great Sports Minds to Go.


Performance anxiety and life stress does not have to overwhelm you. You know how to physically train.

It's time to learn mindfulness.
Learn to let go. Learn to be calm. Learn to be your best self.
Three meditations custom designed for athletes that can be accessed on your phone, anytime you need them. 


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Great Sports Minds Course To-Go

 Most athletes will struggle with self-doubt and fragile confidence during their career. 

We teach a mental skills framework that helps athletes lose the negative and strengthen their self-confidence for better performance. 

Program includes 13 micro videos that are less than 5 minutes per topic and a comprehensive workbook. 

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How Does It Work?

Founder's Program enrollment closes Wednesday June 18, 2020

You physically training hard. Take advantage of this "early adopters" program and gain access to coaching that could cost over $1000 if you worked with me 1:1.









Founder Group Participants

  • Gain access to Great Sports Minds to Go and Athlete Meditations programs online and via an app
  • 13  online training modules and workbook exercises.
  • Three custom written student athlete meditations a
  • Two group Zoom coaching calls to debrief and review materials
  • Receive a certificate of completion, upon completion. 
  • Learn key mental game skills that can be the difference maker for their pending season. 
  • Access to any future changes.
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Track Coach

"As a track coach for more than 25 years and an All American Cross Country/10k athlete I know that training an athlete’s mind is as important as training the body.  Having a mental edge over my competitors transformed me from being an excellent athlete into a champion.  As a coach I find myself using my counseling skills more often as we approach the post season and my athletes begin to struggle with perfectionism and what I call “negative self talk.”

~ Kellie Stover

Div 1 Lacrosse Recruit

"Mental Skills Training with Ann helped me see that one bad play or one bad game does NOT define who I am as a player or a person. This has helped me become a stronger and more resilient athlete."

~ Annie M

Parent and Coach

"My training with Ann Zaprazny at the Great Sports Minds Academy was both impactful and empowering. It is reviving some of my leadership skills that I hadn't realized were part of my coaching success.  She helps her clients “focus on the process and what they can control.” I especially liked how we could share and practice during her workshop. I know both my son and I have already begun to implement her “3R approach” and having that mental tool will give us both an edge as we continue to pursue our passion for competitive sport. Every serious athlete or coach should spend some time improving their mental game with Ann!"


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7 Key Mental Skills Athletes Need for greater confidence and performance.