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Characteristics of Great Teams

When our work teams work together well, great things happen. 

When they don't it hurts morale and adversely impact productivity. 

In this interactive session the audience is engaged, discussing characteristics of great teams and sharing strategies for success.  They are challenged to commit to an action plan to take their team to the next level. 

Career Success Strategies

How we communicate, how we show up at work affects our influence, our relationships and our career.

This session can help the new employee as well as the tenured talent improve their communication for impact, their influence, personal brand and relationships at work. 

Ideal for employees who need to sell their ideas internally but have not taken a formal sales program. 

Overview of the P&C Industry

The P&C Insurance Industry is a dynamic and exciting industry that is constantly changing.  

This session provides an overview of the events that shaped the industry (Sherwin-Williams fire, 9-11, Enron, weather events and more.)  The importance of the agent/broker carrier and client relationships are highlighted. Ideal for interns or employees new to the industry.

Essential Coaching Skills for Leaders

The best leaders understand how critical coaching is for the development, growth, and performance of their people. This workshop teaches leaders how to effectively coach their employees—for strong performance and deliver better bottom-line results. (3-5 hrs.)





Pennsylvania Municipal League, Harrisburg, Pa

Need:  Help me communicate my vision and priorities as a new leader. 


Surveyed team to gain their insights.  

Facilitated a strategic on boarding session with the leader and her team to gain alignment on strategic priorities. 

Transamerica, Baltimore, Md

Need:  Help our actuary and finance staff communicate more effectively


Facilitated Career Success Strategies for staff to strengthen communication, influence and impact. 


Keynote Speaking

2018 Penn Prime Risk Management Meeting, State College Pa

Need:  Dynamic and impactful opening keynote for 130 members attending the event. 

Solution: Deliver custom program, Characteristics of Great Teams and challenged participants to take their teams to the next level of performance.   

 Chubb Insurance, Warren, NJ Women's Leadership Event. 

Need:  Deliver an impactful 60 minute keynote presentation. 

Solution:  Facilitated a workshop on Career Success Strategies.  Challenged audience to advocate for themselves, leverage their influence and relationships for greater success. 



Council of Insurance Agents and Brokers, Washington D.C

Need:  An overview of the P&C Insurance Industry for 200 member interns that gets them excited about an insurance career. 


Facilitated a custom 90-minute webinar that highlighted major events  that have shaped the industry and showcased a panel of four Millennial Insurance professionals.  The panel highlighted the career opportunities and the importance of the Carrier, Agent/Broker, Client relationships.   


Coaching Essentials for Leaders

EHD, Lancaster, Pa

Need:  We have a need for a leadership development program for 18 new leaders. 


We crafted a four part program that include Coaching Essentials Workshops for leader, pre- reading and follow up webinars. 

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