Game On:  Athletes vs. Coronavirus

Video Replay

  • Game Day Conditions:  Lousy

  • Are you ready to compete and win this unpredictable game?

Learn key skills.   Make sure you download the worksheet to follow along. 


In this video you will learn:

  • What actions and beliefs pull you towards your goals and dreams. 

  • What actions and beliefs pull you away from your goals and dreams. 

Be prepared to use this new knowledge to help you take actions that pull your towards your goals. 


The best athletes, the athletes with a GREAT SPORT MIND know how to adapt during challenging times, how to demonstrate a resilient positive attitude and how to commit to a personal level of accountability. 

Download the worksheet 

To use with  the Game On: Athletes vs. Coronavirus Session. 

Key benefits from this course

Simply, simply, simply.

  • What are your goal? 

  • What get's in your way?

  • Are your actions and beliefs pulling you toward your goals and dreams?

  • Or are they pulling you away from your goals and dreams?

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