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7 Key Mental Skills athlete MUST have

What is Mental Game Coaching?

An educational process that helps athletes, coaches and parents navigate through mental blocks and proactively develop confidence, emotional control, coping mechanisms, improve focus and performance to give you the ultimate advantage over the competition.

Believe you can, and you will.

If you're looking for increased confidence in your playing or coaching ability, wanting to learn how to overcome the pressure to always win, and wanting to achieve your goals rather than falling short, you could use a mental game coach. 

What Strategies Will You Learn?

At Great Sports Minds, athletes, coaches and sports parents learn proven mental training techniques to boost performance, teamwork and overall mental toughness.

Learn to cope with:

  • Making Mistakes
  • Perfectionism
  • Pregame Jitters
  • Fear of Failure

Gain Strategies for:

  • Improving Trust in Your Skills
  • Optimal focus and Concentration
  • Superior Confidence and Self-Acceptance.
  • Consistent Performance
  • Pregame Preparation
  • Performing Beyond Comfort Zones
  • Smart Goal Setting
  • Efficient Practice and Training

Learn to overcome:

  • The need for social approval
  • Unrealistic or high expectations  
  • Fear of going beyond your comfort zone
  • Lack of attention and issues with concentration

What Programs Are Offered?


 Custom designed coaching based on your needs. 

Packages range from 4 weeks to full season support. Mental Game Coaching like physical skill coaching takes time to learn, absorb and put into action.

We also have targeted programs for athletes working through injury, getting ready for college, battling though a slump and more. 


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Champion Mindset On-line Course

 Most athletes will struggle with self-doubt and fragile confidence during their career. 

We teach a mental skills framework that helps athletes lose the negative and regain their self-confidence for better performance. 

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You have been selected captain of your team!  Congratulations this is a big honor.  NOW WHAT? Often we are given a leadership role without the tools we need to be successful.

In this on line program you will have access to on demand videos, weekly challenges and a captain's community to grow your leadership skills.  



How Does It Work?


  • Complete an Athlete Mental Aptitude Profile
  • Develop a Customized Coaching Summary based on need
  • Conduct 1:1 coaching sessions via Facetime or Skype (or in person)
  • Email, text, audio support
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7 Key Mental Skills athlete MUST have


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7 Key Mental Skills Athletes Need for greater confidence and performance.