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Athletes invest hours physically training their body.  We train the champion's mindset so that you can leverage the power of your mind and body working together.  Work with a former Division 1 scholarship athlete, AAU and High School coach.  We've been in your shoes and  know the keys to success.  

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Are you doing the same thing year to year hoping for better results?   Work with a former fortune 500 executive to learn how to improve your communication, time management and execution.  Your ability to collaborate and your network at work matter.  Let us show you how minor changes can make a big difference.

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Life a tad out of control?  Constantly overwhelmed?  Running low on energy?  Let us help you bring greater clarity to what you want in life. You coach is a mother of three, former Fortune 500 executive, care giver, and business owner.  Let us give you the tools to take greater control, enjoy life more and more to the next level. 

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Ann Zaprazny,Certified Mental Game Coach

Your success matters to me.   Sport, Business and in Life... the behaviors we see in sport show up in business and life.  We believe there is a level of greatness for you.  Let Great Sports Minds help you develop a CHAMPION MINDSET and achieve the next level. 

Think. Believe. Achieve. 




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