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Are you READY to perform your BEST WORK and live your BEST LIFE?

Invest in executive coaching to help you be your best both professionally and personally.

Are you tired of living below your potential?

You work hard. You deserve to have a job and a life. When you have Clarity around what you really want, shift happens. There is another level of performance and life within you.

Are you ready for more?

You are smart, You are capable. You want more. Learn how to communicate for impact, strengthen your brand, leverage your network and improve your personal influence.

Are your tired of being burnt out?

Want to live your best life? Running on fumes is not the answer. Your self-care matters.

Are you thinking of another Career or Promotional Opportunity or Lifestyle??

Want to start a side hustle? Spend more time doing what you really love? Want to transition to a new career or a new opportunity? Ann can help you create a plan and make that transition.

Meet Ann Zaprazny, "The Confidence Coach"

Ann Zaprazny was a Fortune 500 Executive and a Division 1 Athletes. She knows how to win. More importantly, she knows how to help her clients succeed.

Let Ann help you achieve the career and life you deserve.

Who is this program for?

This program is for motivated professionals who want guidance to achieve the next step in their career and life. This program is not for people who are not ready to invest in themselves and make a change.

Business Professionals

Imagine having the training that gives you the tools to complete with great confidence and consistency. This program uses proven mental skills that top athletes use to perform at their highest levels.

Senior Leaders

You have the title.  Do you have the influence you need to lead your team effectively? Do you have the mental stamina to be your best at work and at home? Are you living your best life? 

Aspiring Leaders

You work hard. You want the next level.  You want to advance in your career and you are told you are not quite ready.  Learn career success strategies to position you for the next opportunity. 

Why work with Ann Zaprazny?

Imagine having a former executive as your coach, your advocate to coach communication for success, how to strengthen your influence, your brand and future earning power. Learn directly from a former insider who can leverage her network to help you expand your network.

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We offer three ways to work with us:

One-Time Discovery Call

5 Week Coaching Program

12 Week Coaching Program

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Once you enroll, you will receive a welcome email, the online assessment and immediate access to schedule your first session directly with Ann Zaprazny. 

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All options start with an online questionaire so that we have a good understanding of your needs.

Coaching Services

Pick the option that works with your learning style and start your transformation today. Lose the head game.

Great for tackle a significant issue or prepare for an interview or big pitch at work.


ONE TIME PAYMENT -60 Minute Session

Sometimes you just need a sounding board.   Other times you need advice on how to handle a major pitch at work, prepare for an interview or more. 


Let's go deep. Improve clarity, skills and your life. You deserve it.



12, 1:1 Coaching Sessions to help you make key shifts to improve your personal and professional life. Improve your communication, personal brand, influence and networking skills.   Take your career and life to a new level with this 12 weak investment. 



Let's make some personal and professional shifts.



Five, 1:1 Coaching Sessions to help you make key shifts to improve your personal and professional life. Improve your communication, personal brand, influence and networking skills. 


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Additional Online Products

6 Week RAVE Coaching Program


One time payment

If you are looking for a program that will help you get to the next level of performance in business and life - this is it. 

We combine the best of our career success strategies and our mental performance coaching to give you the tools for High Performance. 

R = Reboot your energy and your focus.

A= Activate the hero inside of you.

V = Value and enjoy this moment in your life to its fullest. 

E= Experience life with vibrancy, confidence, and community.

In this custom Week Rave Coaching Program, we will address mindset, take you through a strategy, and provide you the tools you need to RAVE about your personal and professional life. 

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Key Notes & Custom Workshop



Ann is a dynamic and engaging speaker who has facilitated workshop on:

Champion Mindset @ Work

Career Success Strategies

Civility in the Workplace

Coaching Strategies for Leaders

for several companies including: 

Chubb Insurance,EHD, Hanover Insurance,Meridian Heath, Penn Prime Insurance, Selective Insurance, Transamerica, etc. 

Ann provides a positive and fun experience in person and in her virtual workshops.

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Learn the 5 Key Skills to Advance Your Career



An online program that covers 4 critical business skills all employees need:

  • Communicate for Impact
  • Manage Your Personal Brand
  • Strengthen Your Influence
  • Managing Relationships and Your Network. 
Coming Soon


Meditations and Great Sports Minds to Go Package

Self-study for individual mastery.

Includes: Our Great Sports Minds to Go program and three custom athlete meditations.   You will have the the tools to strengthen your mindset at your finger tips.  Learn new skills that you can use immediately in sport and life. These are proven mental skills that top athletes use to perform at their highest levels.



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Ann has so many tools in her tool kit to help you gain clarity, be your best and take you career and life to the next level.

Insurance Professional

Ann helped me position and prepare for an opening in our home office.  Ann helped me revamp my resume, prepare for my interviews and elevate my personal brand well before the interview. 

Sustainability Leader

Ann has helped me prepare for presentations, coached me for sales meetings and helped me recognize how important my personal brand and influence at work matter. She helped me achieve a major win at work. 

Claims Leader

I was overwork and burnt out. 

Ann helped me to establish boundaries, let go of perfectionism and invest in myself.   I am putting boundaries around my work and getting back to some hobbies I enjoy. 

SVP, Insurance Leader

I worked with Ann because I knew she would keep it real.  We focused on both professional and personal goals and her network proved to be really valuable to me. 

Claims Adjustor, Insurance

Ann helped me navigate my transition to a new job.   I asked for and received a sign on bonus and an extra weeks vacation.  

Human Resource Leader, Construction

Ann helped me talk through a department restructuring .  She helped me clarify my strategy and communication plan for the process which was really valuable. 

Small Business Owner

Ann called out my talent and challenged me to create an online course.  She held me accountable to get it done, create a beta and to let go of perfectionism. 

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