Join us for one of our public training sessions or call to book a private small group training program for your team. The mental game matters. College and pro athletes share that it is the mental game that differentiates the best from the rest. We teach essential mental performance skills to compete more relaxed and with greater confidence.


4, 1 hr  Live small group training sessions via zoom.

Immediate access to Great Sports Minds to Go - an online mental performance training program

Athlete Meditations - three custom athlete meditations to manage the daily stresses of being an athlete. 

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Is something missing?

You train hard. You invested during the offseason. You are still coming up short. You perform better at practice than you do in competition. Mental performance training can change that. Learn to compete with greater confidence and consistency.

Is your current training working for you?

Sports are both mental and physical. Every athlete trains physically. Very few invest in mental skills training. Invest and differentiate yourself on and off the field.

Do you trust the process?

When we focus on the outcome, "I have to win. I have to score in every game. I can't give up any goals." etc. - We create personal stress that impedes our performance. We teach strategies that release your expectations and have you focus on the process and what you can control.

Is your Head Game Getting in Your Way?

Your train hard. You have the talent. But something is missing. Your confidence is fragile, and your mind is full of self-doubt. There is another level of performance within you. Let's strengthen your confidence and lose the self-doubt. Great Sports Minds are trained.

Are you thinking of quitting?

Sometimes athletes put so much pressure on themselves; they can never be good enough. They lose joy and want to quit. We teach how to let go of unrealistic expectations and find joy again.

Are you struggling with an injury?

An injury can set you back. The emotional loss is often more significant than the physical pain. You are out of sport and miss your community of teammates. We teach athletes how to overcome and manage effectively manage their mindset through their recovery.

Are you READY to compete at your highest level?

Invest in mental performance training and achieve the results you aspired. Leverage the power of your mind and body working TOGETHER.

What is Great Sports Minds to Go?

It's an online mental performance training program for athletes and coaches. Complete the program at your own pace and access resources on your mobile device when you need them. Great Sports Minds to Go includes 13 micro-videos on essential mental game skills and exercises to strengthen these skills. Athletes who pursue their mental skills training like their physical skills training experience growth in their skill set and overall performance.

Meet the Coach - Ann Zaprazny

Ann helps clients compete at their highest levels. Ann was a Division 1 athlete and Fortune 500 Executive. Ann knows how to win and help her clients succeed so they can achieve their goals.

Who is this program for?

This program is for motivated athletes or coaches who seek the training and the tools they need to take their performance to the next level. You can take the steps and learn the mental performance skills used by top athletes. Or you can keep doing what you are doing and hope things improve. You have invested in your training, coaches, and more - don't let head trash continue to get in the way of your success.


Imagine having the training that gives you the tools to complete with high confidence and consistency. This program uses proven mental skills that top athletes use to perform at their highest levels.


Use the videos and the exercises in this program to grow your knowledge of mental performance skills and help your athletes succeed at a higher level. Imagine a generation of student-athletes who have practical coping skills and the ability to stay relaxed, focused, and confident under pressure. 


You want the best for your child. Your heart breaks with their disappointment. You think you are doing all the right things. Learn mental performance skills so that you can best support your child in sport (and life.) 

Why Choose this Program?

Mental skills are just like physical skills. You can learn them and train them. I believe if athletes learned and use the skills we teach in this program, their enjoyment and performance in sport can improve.

Enroll in the Program

 Once you complete enrollment, you will receive and email granting you access to both online resources:  Great Sports Minds to Go and Athlete Meditations. 


Put the dates on your calendar

You will receive an email with the dates and the zoom link we will use for each of the sessions.  Commit to the dates just as you commit to going to practice. 

Begin your Transformation

The program includes an online Champion Mindset Assessment.  Establish a baseline of your mental performance skills before you begin your training. 

Great Sports Minds are Trained

Pick the date and time that works best for you.

Our online training + 4 Live 1:1 Coaching Calls




March 24 - April 14th 

4 Wednesdays @ 3:00 pm EDT

Includes our Great Sports Minds to Go program and three custom Athlete Meditations. You will have the tools to strengthen your mindset at your fingertips. Learn new skills that you can use immediately in sport and life. These are proven mental skills that top athletes use to perform at their highest levels.

Plus, four live group training calls with other like-minded athletes looking to take their performance to the next level and navigating through adversity in sports.

An excellent option for teams or clubs. Group pricing available. Schedule a free consultation today. 



Results are individual and are not guaranteed.

College Rugby Captain, Nat'l Champion

As the captain of my college rugby team, I used what I learned with Ann to help my team focus on the process and stay calm and positive even when we were trailing. 

HS Cross Country Runner

I beat some talented runners today. Some excellent runners beat me. I ran my race. I left everything on the course. I was proud of my efforts. Training with Ann helped me this season. 

Parent of HS Basketball Player

We don't know how to thank you. Our daughter just had a great AAU basketball tournament. We have seen  tremendous growth in her confidence and her play since she worked with you.

HS Track Coach

As a track coach for more than 25 years and an All American Cross Country/10k athlete, I know that training an athlete’s mind is as important as training the body.  Ann's training helped me be a better coach.

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