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Corona took my season and fueled my Gratitude

college sports gratitude Jun 24, 2020
They say you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. 
I knew how lucky I was to be a part of the 2019 Queens University of Charlotte Field Hockey Team
From winning the regular season to having the strongest team bond in my 15 years of playing, what we had was special. 
I never imagined losing it so quickly. I walked into the locker room with my friends to get some extra practice when we got the news that we had 
72 hours to leave campus for the rest of the year. 
Seventy-two hours to 
  • Say goodbye to the seniors; I thought I had much more time to make memories with them before their next chapter.
  • Pack up all my belongings and figure out how I was getting the 500 miles home. 
  • Clear out my locker and return all of my hockey gear. 
  • Cope with being forced to leave my best friends for an unknown amount of time. 
I knew my team was something to cherish.   I didn’t know how much I should have appreciated the sport that led me to them. 
I don’t know that anyone would say they enjoy the 5 am wake-ups or the grueling conditioning practices. 
When my sport was abruptly terminated, I felt lost most of the morning, without a ball, and stick in my hand.
I yearned for the feel of scoring a goal and finally mastering a new move. 
I chose to play in college because field hockey is a part of me. It wasn’t until I lost that part that I finally understood what it meant. 
The game I have spent countless hours, and most of my life trying to perfect, has taught me more than anything else ever will. 
I learned about :
  • Failure and how to rise from it. 
  • What a family truly is. 
  • Who I am and what I can accomplish. 
  • The value of hard work and the definition of pure joy. 
Corona took me from my school - which I have claimed as home - and my teammates - which I have claimed as family. 
But despite all that I lost this past spring, Corona gave me back the love for the game. Never again will I complain about long bus rides or early morning lifts.
I will play with passion and the knowledge of how blessed I am, and for that, I am grateful.
Victoria Tredinnick, Queens University of Charlotte
BS, Exercise & Sports Science, BA. Psychology
Class of 2022


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