Athletes and the Coronavirus - How to Cope and Compete during difficult times

The Coronavirus has impacted life in a way most of us have never experienced before. Schools are closed, businesses are closed in attempt to "flatten the curve" and slow the spread of the virus.

The mood and morale of many are down.  If you have middle school or high school aged children you know kids are out of sync.  If you have college age children the challenge is real.  One moment you are independent, living with your friends and now you are back home doing classes on line. 

Athletes and seniors in high school and college are feeling a great sense of loss.  

Many working adults are experiencing high levels of stress and anxiety around their ability to pay their bills, earning and income. etc. 

These are challenging times.  But we are not at war.  We do not have a food shortage.  I am confident we will help our neighbors through difficult times. 

It's important that we acknowledge how we are feeling and that we are...

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Mental Game Coaching For Athletes

sports psychology Jun 20, 2019

Is this for you?

Do you doubt your self? Do you crack under pressure? Do you fall short of goals? Do you have the drive but need the mind?

Improve your mental game with Great Sports Minds to achieve the success you deserve!


We Offer Mental Game Training Strategies to help you:

  • Overcoming High Expectations
  • Optimal Concentration
  • Superior Confidence
  • Improving Trust in Your Skills
  • Coping with Mistakes
  • Coping with Perfectionism
  • Overcoming the Need for Social Approval
  • Self-Acceptance in Sports
  • Consistent Performance
  • Pregame Preparation
  • Performing Beyond Comfort Zones
  • Coping with Pregame Jitters
  • Smart Goal Setting
  • Coping with Fear of Failure
  • Efficient Practice and Training

We help athletes and coaches who need guidance on how to uplevel their mental game so they can excel and advance to achieve their highest goals. 

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The Power of Visualization in Sports

What is Visualization?

I am believer in the power of positive visualization.

It’s a skill, that when properly embraced can build confidence and lead to success in practice, competition and life.

As a collegiate athlete in the 1980’s at the University of Delaware, we were introduced to visualization. I was not very good at it...

I was a sophomore, at a low point in my career… I went from a key contributor my freshman year to limited bench player.

My confidence was low...

Every night when I closed my eyes and tried to visualize my game, my visualization led to disappointment...

In my mind, I would enter the game, have a turnover, hear the buzzer and be pulled out of the game. No one ever checked in with me to ask how it was going and if it was working.

Today, the experiences that my athletes have with visualization are much different.

We teach what to visualize and how to do it. We don’t leave the visualization process to chance.

During the summer of 2016, I...

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