From Setback to Comeback: Sports Psychology Strategies to aide in Athlete Recovery

Injured Athlete Recovery is both a Mental and Physical Journey

On June 13, 2023, I had the privilege of delivering a powerful presentation at the 11th Annual Central PA Sports Medicine Symposium.

My talk, "From Setback to Comeback," focused on an often-overlooked aspect of athlete recovery: the crucial role of sports psychology. I shared 10 valuable tips specifically tailored for healthcare providers to support injured athletes during their journey towards full rehabilitation.

Injuries and illnesses are not just physical challenges; they encompass the entire body and mind. While the recovery process predominantly emphasizes the physical aspects, we cannot underestimate the profound impact of mindset on the healing process.

Having worked closely with numerous injured athletes, many of whom were already familiar with my coaching techniques during their healthy days, I have witnessed the positive transformation that occurs when they embrace a positive and resilient mindset. Trust and...

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