West Chester University Women's Rugby Team Wins 2019 National Championship

nationalchampion Dec 03, 2019

Guest Author, Juah Toe, Tri -Captain West Chester Women's Rugby Team

In the past three years, I’ve learned how to play rugby, played in my first game, became a starter, captain, All-American, and eventually a National Champion.

Who would’ve thought that in three and a half years, I’d be where I am today? Definitely not 18 year old Juah!

To say you are a National Champion is the most incredible feeling in the world.

People congratulating you everywhere you go, even if they know nothing about rugby! After years of dedication to the sport, all the pieces fell into place.

This was the season of making history.

At the beginning of the season, the coaches from all the teams ranked us 5th out of  seven teams in the conference. This made us angry from the start.

We set goals and wanted to prove we are better than all those teams who thought less of us.

And we did.

We came out on top and made school history every time we stepped onto the field.

Imagine being...

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